New study on saturated fats 'confusing'

Irish Heart rejects claims that saturated fat does not cause heart disease

The editorial, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, contends that despite decades of public messaging, the saturated fat in our diet from meat, cheese and dairy does not in itself clog the “pipes” of our hearts

Instead, they write, the real keys to preventing heart disease are to eat “real food,” exercise regularly, and reduce stress.

“We wouldn’t agree with it, and we won’t be changing our advice to people,” said Janis Morrissey, registered dietician and health promotion manager at the Irish Heart.

Ms Morrissey said she felt the report was “selective and simplistic”.

“It’s disappointing, and confusing for people. There’s been conflicting headlines on this over the years, and it does cast doubt for people on what they should do.”

Complex issues like heart disease she stated, “are not down to any one nutrient you eat. It’s about the overall pattern of poor of good lifestyles” she outlined.

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