Walk 100km with Your Dog in June

We want you to take part in our Walk 100km with Your Dog in June Challenge.

Follow these simple steps:

1) Join the Walk 100km with Your Dog Facebook Group.

2) Create a Facebook Fundraiser and invite your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you and support you on your journey.

3) In the group register for your Doggie Bandana.

By joining the Facebook Group you will see all those taking part in this challenge with you. You can see how everyone is getting on and share stories and photos if you wish, and it’s also a way for you to contact me for any support you may need too.

Check out our challenge Walk 100km with Your Dog in June FAQ for more information.



We can’t wait to Walk 100km with our Dogs in June and raise funds to help save lives from heart disease and stroke. 

Any questions you can email Jordan, jkavanagh@irishheart.ie or ask in our Facebook Fundraising Group.

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