Fundraising Tips and Ideas

Fundraising Tips

Online Fundraising is one of to best ways to support us.

Raising funds on Facebook is secure, easy and money is transferred automatically to us so you don’t have to do a thing – except ask!

It’s really simple to set up a fundraiser online. You can set up your own fundraiser on Facebook

Set up a Facebook fundraiser

How to set up a Facebook Fundraising page:

  • Go to our page
  • Click on ‘Fundraisers’ in the menu.
  • Give your fundraiser a title– ‘Jane’s Love Run for the Irish Heart Foundation’
  • Set a target amount – €150
  • Set a timeframe – 30 days
  • Add an image – you can choose from our selection of provided imagery
  • Click create
  • Once you have set up your fundraiser, share it with all your family and friends on Facebook – it’s that easy!
  • Facebook then pass on all of the donations to us

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

It’s really easy to set up


Fundraise on Just Giving

Online fundraising is one of the best ways to support us

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Maximise your Fundraiser

Take pictures, share milestones and tell family, friends and colleagues about your challenge to help you reach your fundraising goal. Thank everyone for their support: no matter how big or small their donation, it will make a difference to people living with a heart condition. When your Facebook fundraiser ends, Facebook automatically transfers all of the donations to the Irish Heart Foundation.


Set your target.

Set a goal to raise an achievable amount of money. when you first make your fundraiser. Between €100 and €200 is a good place to start. You can always change it later if your friends and family are being particularly generous!

Personalise your description.

Let you friends and family on Facebook know that you are taking on the 3000 skips in July #SkippingChallenge by explaining why it is important to you.

Set the example.

If you make the first donation yourself, it proves how dedicated you are to the cause and encourages friends and family to join in and donate too.

Update regularly.

The more you post photos and updates to your fundraiser, the more it will show you on friends and family’s news feed, reminding them to donate to the cause.


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