ACLS Heartcode Course

February 24th

Contact Pat Reid for details

Contact Details

First Aid For Life – contact Pat Reid on 045 866 117 or by email

ACLS Heartcode Course

The Heartcode ACLS Course consists of an interactive online course, skills practice in groups in a classroom, and the completion of skills assessments where CPR/AED, BVM/airway and Megacode skills assessments are completed. This course can be completed by candidates regardless if they have completed an ACLS Provider Course before or not, however, it may be more suitable for those who have experience or are working in the emergency or critical care areas. Those without this experience or who have not completed an ACLS Provider Course previously may find the standard two-day ACLS Provider Course more suitable. Successful candidates who complete both the written exam and all skills assessment components of the course (BLS/AED, airway and megacode) will receive an IHF/AHA ACLS Provider course completion card that is valid for 2 years.