Let's Strike Before Stroke

Life begins at 40, don't let stroke stop it.

One in six people will have a stroke at some time in their life. Most are over 65, but stroke can strike at any age. Even young people and children can be affected.

Stroke, the basics

Stroke affects 1 in 6 of us. How can you avoid it?

What is stroke?

A Stroke occurs when a blood vessel becomes damaged, narrowed or blocked, restricting or preventing blood carrying oxygen reaching brain cells.

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Working age stroke rates?

One in 4 strokes affect people under 65 – over 2,000 annually. Some lifestyle changes will reduce the risk!

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High blood pressure is no.1 risk for stroke

6 out of 10 adults over 45 have high blood pressure. It’s a silent risk so the only way to know you have it, is to get checked.

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Stroke Prevention

What can you do to avoid stroke?

Understanding your risk

80% of strokes are preventable and understanding the risks, is the first step to avoiding one.

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Tips For Quitting Smoking

Stroke is yet another reason to give up smoking. Yes, it's difficult but it's really important – and you'll feel the benefits immediately!

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Cut down on salt

Too many of us are eating twice the salt amount we need every day which won’t help with blood pressure. Cut down today – a teaspoon is all you need!

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Tips on drinking less

Another reason to mind your drinking but it's not all doom and gloom. You can drink less and still have a fulfilling social life.

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Enjoy some healthy recipes

A blood pressure-friendly diet doesn't mean giving up everything you love. Watching what you eat can have delicious results!

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A pulse check can detect risk of stroke

2 for 1: At your blood pressure check, your heart rate is measured too. A pulse check can help detect an irregular heartbeat (A-Fib) which is another cause of stroke.

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Get your blood pressure checked

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More Lifestyle Factors

Healthy Eating Changes

Simple changes to your eating habits will make a big difference – and not just to your blood pressure. You'll probably enjoy your food more.

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Be Active

Blood vessels don't like inactivity. Even moderate exercise improves the flow of blood and helps carry oxygen around the body, so it's important to include activity in your day.

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Learn some stress-busting techniques

Stress can increase both your blood pressure and your heart rate. Only you can change the way you react to stress.

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Stroke Survivors

Over 30,000 people are living with a stroke related disability in Ireland

"At first I thought I was hungover. I had a stroke at 28 years old."

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"I was lucky not to have a stroke due to high blood pressure"

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“I thought I was invincible, but then I had a stroke at 41”

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