Niall & Eoghan saved their Dad from a stroke

Niall (16) and Eoghan (12) from Portmarnock saved their Dad, Tony, then 61, after he was struck by stroke.

Fortunately, he survived thanks to his sons who recognised that he was having a stroke even before he realised what was happening.

Amazingly, Niall recognised the symptoms having seen the FAST advertisement on television which gives the warning signs of stroke. According to Tony’s doctors, the quick reactions of his sons undoubtedly saved his life. Eoghan, who was 11 when his Dad suffered a stroke, remembers the day vividly.

“It was really scary,I didn’t really know what was happening to Dad until Niall said he was having a stroke. I didn’t know what to do except call the doctor and then we put him in the recovery position on some cushions on the floor in the kitchen. It was like the ad because his face dropped on one side and his speech was a little slurred.”

Niall immediately called 999 and put Tony in the recovery position until the ambulance attended the scene a little over five minutes later.

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