I realised that the right side of her face had dropped

Daire Kavanagh was on her own with her grandmother, Vera Connolly, when her Granny suffered a stroke. Thankfully Daire had seen the FAST TV ads, and knew what to do.

“I realised that the right side of her face had dropped and that she was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t understand it. I then remembered the advertisement I saw on TV about how to notice the signs of a stroke – F.A.S.T.”

Daire called 999 for help, which meant that within ten minutes, an ambulance arrived, and the paramedics confirmed that Mrs. Connolly was indeed having a stroke.

Mrs. Connolly, who lives in Dublin, was brought to Tallaght Hospital. Daire, who was in Transition Year at school in Trim, was staying with her grandmother while undertaking a week’s work experience at a hair salon in Dublin.


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