Heart Failure Microbubbles Research

Heart failure is the leading cause of death in people over 65, and the Irish Heart Foundation funded research to develop a new ‘Microbubble’ treatment which could actually help reverse this damage caused by heart failure.

Scientists know that a lot of the damage caused by heart failure is because special messages in our bodies begin sending incorrect messages to heart cells.

Instead of telling heart cells to regenerate and repair the damage, these faulty molecules ‘tell’ the cells to grow larger.

These swollen cells cause more problems because they are so big they need even more blood and ore energy. Hard to come by in a heart failure patient. When these cells don’t get what they need they die. And the condition of the heart gets worse.


Genetically engineered molecules to deliver healthy molecules

Dr Garry Duffy and his team at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin proposed the ‘Microbubbles’ treatment that uses new genetically engineered molecules that can help deliver healthy molecules into damaged hearts.

They are engineered in a laboratory where they are loaded with a powerful gene treatment and sent straight to the heart to begin healing damaged heart cells. Up to this point, scientists had difficulty finding a way to safely get healthy molecules into the heart so they can repair the damage.

The new ‘Microbubble’ treatment promises to break new ground by revolutionising the treatment of heart failure.