CONVINCE Stroke Study

Over the next five years Professor Peter Kelly – Consultant Stroke Neurologist and Director of the Stroke Service at the Mater University Hospital – will lead a team of five specialist Stroke Research nurses, working hospitals in Cork, Dublin and Galway in a new research trial ‘CONVINCE’ trial.

It’s a brand new way of thinking about stroke.

Strokes are caused by small particles – known as plaques – that form within the blood stream, break off and then block a blood vessel leading into the brain. Previous research projects have been focused on what causes these plaques to form and break away and we have a great deal of knowledge now in this area.


Reducing inflammation in the arteries

Central to the study is the belief that inflammation of the arteries – commonly found in stroke patients – substantially increases the risks of further strokes. If the arteries’ internal diameter is smaller, they are more likely to be blocked. By reducing inflammation, they hope to see less blockages, less secondary strokes. The new study will select over 2,500 stoke patients over the next three years who will be given a low, daily dose of a medicine called Colchicine, which is a safe, commonly prescribed drug, well known and understood.

The study will give patients a very low dose – just 0.5 milligrams per day. The patient’s progress will be tracked and their ongoing health compared with those who don’t take the drug. The results will then be checked and published in 2021.


An Irish-led research study, based across Ireland.

This is an Irish-led research study that includes some of the most preeminent clinicians working in stroke care from right across Ireland and highly specialised nurses working directly in the Emergency Department, alongside the hospital’s existing Stroke Research Nurses who will work across Ireland.

Research like the CONVINCE project is so important so we can learn to prevent secondary strokes that are often the most damaging.

To find out more, and to help us fund vital research into stroke please view Clara’s Special Appeal here.