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At the Irish Heart Foundation we are committed to get kids moving and achieving at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

From recent research, we now know how vital this is in order to help reduce their health risks. Every step counts. So here’s our series of manuals, workshops and other initiatives that’ll help you, your school and your kids to stay happy and heart-healthy together.

Let’s Get Active Award- The 4-week activity challenge

The Irish Heart Let’s Get Active Award is a fun way to encourage children to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

Our free pocket planners let kids track how much activity they do each day.

After the  4 weeks –  each child is awarded a certificate of achievement –  also supplied by the Irish Heart Foundation.

This challenge is suitable for primary school children and is a great way to support Active Flag initiative in schools.

To order yours, please email or call us on: 01 6685001.

Action for Life – designed to help P.E. programmes

This health-related and physical activity resource for primary schools is designed to support teachers with the rollout of their P.E. programmes. It also caters for and includes adaptations for kids with differing abilities. Our resource consists of 4 manuals, one for each class level ( Junior & Senior, First & Second, Third & Fourth, Fifth & Sixth).

Cost: €40 per pack; €10 per manual and this includes postage & packaging.

To order yours, please email or call us on: 01 6685001.

Bizzy Breaks

Bizzy Break is a series of activities for primary school pupils designed to get children moving on the spot. Children move all parts of their body with a focus on strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness.

The break takes no longer than 10 minutes and requires minimum space and equipment. It is guided by a large poster, teacher’s notes and a specially commissioned music CD. This activity can contribute to the recommended one hour of physical activity for children daily and can be used as an awakener, a reviver or as a warm-up or cool-down to an activity session.

Costs €10 (includes p&p)

Email : to order

Bizzy Breaks for Rainy Days!

This booklet consists of 10 activity ideas for inside the classroom, for each of the four levels (Junior & Senior, First & Second, Third & Fourth, Fifth & Sixth). Like Bizzy Breaks, Rainy Days is designed to help contribute to the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity for kids per day – whatever the weather!

Cost: €10 per booklet including postage & packaging (covering all primary school class groups)

To order yours, please email or call us on: 01 6685001.


Action for Life – Teacher Training

These workshops and manuals are designed to help teachers deliver the Action For life programme. Training takes place in your school.

AFL in School

This is done using teachers Croke Park hours. The tutor will provide 1.5hr training at the school after hours for teachers. There is a cost of €200 for this.

Whole School Training

The tutor can do a whole school training including teachers and students. This will be done class by class and can be divided up by the teachers anyway that suits. The cost for this full day training is €400.

Teacher training workshops last 1.5 hours and they take teachers through the delivery of Action for Life.

Each school is also provided with:

For more details or enquiries, please email.

Active School Flag – show your commitment

This initiative is run by the Department of Education and Skills (DES). It encourages schools to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. In doing so, your school can then fly the Active School Flag with pride and join hundreds of other schools.

For comprehensive information and statistics about this initiative, plus its programmes and resources that are helping schools improve their PE and physical activity, please see the ASF website.

More Initiatives & Resources for schools

Sli@Schools – aims to promote more walking during the school day through the use of motivational signage and the establishment of mapped, measured walking routes within the school grounds.

Articles & Policy on Children’s Health

Obesity – our policy and recommendations on everything from the National Obesity Plan to No Fry Zones near schools

Junk Food Tactics Exposed – regulation of marketing to kids and what to watch out for

Primary School Workshop


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