Working Age Stroke Survivor Network for under 65s

New support network for younger stroke survivors, launching on 27th November.

The rate of younger stroke in Ireland is rising rapidly, with people of working age now accounting for more than one in four of some 8,000 cases every year.  Despite the sizeable number of strokes happening in Ireland, there remains a severe lack of community supports which are vital to help stroke survivors make the best possible recovery.

The Irish Heart Foundation is currently developing a national network of weekly stroke support groups that are open to all ages – these are most popular with over-65s who make up the vast majority of stroke survivors in Ireland.

However, to cater for the specific needs of younger people affected by stroke, we are launching a new working age stroke support network at a national meeting in Croke Park on Monday 27th November. This will include discussions of many relevant topics, such as relationships, returning to work, positive mental health, anxiety and depression, fatigue and communication difficulties.

Meet Young Stroke Survivor Rebecca Cunningham

Watch here

We invite younger stroke survivors to join us in Croke Park if you can, or most importantly to contact us if you are interested in being part of a support network for people affected by stroke in working age (under 65 years).

If you are interested in coming to Croke Park or being part of the new stroke support network for under 65s, please contact Helena O’Donnell at 01 634 6925, or at

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