How we lobby for greater stroke services

In Ireland, there is an estimated 60,000 survivors living in the community as a result of stroke

While there have been major advances in acute stroke services, progress is being lost as the already under-resourced services cannot cope with the growing numbers of patients being struck by stroke.

Thousands of stroke survivors across the country cannot access an adequate level of rehabilitation & services to help them get their lives back on track post stroke. At the Irish Heart Foundation, we advocate for greater levels of investment in stroke services and rely heavily on the experiences from stroke survivors and their families who know first-hand the difficulties they face.

The personal stories and experiences of stroke survivors is what often makes the biggest impact with the key decision-makers in government.

“Leaving hospital care is like falling off a cliff. The minute you go out of the system, you’re down at the back of the queue.”

Jillian Ennis O’Boyle, Stroke Survivor

In the video below, you can hear first-hand from our stroke survivors of what we want – upfront investment in acute, rehabilitation and community services that have been proven to reduce death and disability rates among stroke patients, as well as cutting service costs.

Stroke Survivors

What can the Taoiseach do to help people affected by stroke?

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