Our CPR Mission

When a person has a sudden cardiac arrest their best chance of survival is someone nearby knowing how to do CPR. Learning CPR is quick and easy. But the cost of not knowing is anything but.

What would you do?


Today is your chance to get prepared, to be ready for a loved one, a friend or a colleague, or simply someone in your community.

Take five minutes now, and it could save their life and, someday, yours too.

Our Mission is your mission.


You may not know this, but you are vital link in a chain in your community, in your workplace, and in your home life. Should a loved one or someone you know go into a sudden cardiac arrest, then their main chance of survival is you. Not an ambulance. Not a passerby. You and your hands.

And so, the mission of our training programme is to strengthen your role in this ‘Chain of Survival’ in every community and aspect of life in Ireland. To turn ‘You’ into a future lifesaver. And the good news is that it is very easy and very possible for anyone to learn what to do; you just need to take the first step and decide to be ready. Will you?


What is the ‘Chain of Survival’ in my community?


The chain of survival consists of five vital links to saving a life, each one can be the difference between life and death. And the first three links are up to you.


1. Immediate recognition of cardiac arrest and activation of the emergency response system
2. Early CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) with an emphasis on chest compressions
3. Rapid defibrillation
4. Effective advanced life support
5. Integrated post-cardiac arrest care


When a person suffers a cardiac arrest and the chain of survival isn’t started immediately the person’s chance of survival decreases by 10 percent for every minute that nothing is done.

However the first three links of the chain can be completed by anyone in a community, and so it is vital that bystanders like you are able and willing to take action quickly – otherwise the chance of survival from a sudden cardiac arrest is minimal.

In fact, a person’s chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest goes down by approximately 10% for every minute that CPR and defibrillation isn’t being performed. And if CPR is not initiated within 10 minutes, the chance of survival is near zero.


We’ll make sure you’re ready.


The Irish Heart Foundation is the only training provider in Ireland to offer courses across the full length of the chain of survival and train over 60,000 people every year through its programme.

Take a look at our courses designed for everyone and anyone, from community-focused to workplace and home life.

Our range of courses are certified to the standard of the American Heart Association’s international ECC Training Programme; we also have a range of courses recognised by the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) which is the statutory agency responsible for standards, education and training in the field of pre-hospital emergency care in Ireland.

Remember, when someone suffers cardiac arrest every minute of delay decreases their chance of survival by 10%. What will you be doing during that minute?

Allow us to help you and your workplace, family and friends, and community to be ready.

View our range of courses here.

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