Cardiac First Response (CFR) Advanced Instructor Course


The objective of this instructor course is to train currently certified BLS/CFR Community Instructors to also be able to teach the IHF / PHECC certified Cardiac First Response (CFR) Advanced Course in addition to the other courses they can teach as a certified BLS/CFR Community Instructor.

Due to the advanced skills being taught on the CFR Advanced Course, the IHF only allows BLS instructors who use these skills on a regular basis to be recognised as CFR Advanced Instructors.

The CFR Advanced Course incorporates the full CFR Community Course with the addition of an airway and ventilation module and so the CFR Advanced Course is not suitable for laypeople and is targeted at those who are working in the emergency medical services, including fire and rescue services or healthcare professionals.

Therefore only currently certified BLS instructors who are Nurses, Paramedics, Advanced Paramedics or Doctors are entitled to become a CFR Advanced Instructor through the auspices of the IHF.

BLS Instructors with the appropriate healthcare professional background who wish to become certified at the CFR Advanced Instructor level must undertake a CFR Advanced Instructor Workshop conducted by the Irish Heart Foundation.

The workshop is approximately 3 hours in length and consists of an orientation to CFR Advanced training, overview of skills covered along with practice and assessment sessions. The workshop is not an orientation or update session and runs at a fast pace assuming that instructor candidates are clinically adept at the advanced skills. Some may feel they would benefit from attending a CFR Advanced Provider Course first and this would be encouraged.

Instructors will be assessed throughout this workshop and on successful completion and assessment of skills they will become certified as a CFR Advanced Instructor valid for a period of two years. It should be noted that although CFR Advanced Instructor Certification supersedes CFR Community Instructor Certification, completing this workshop does not recertify BLS Instructor Certification.

Please note that the IHF does not recognise CFR Advanced certification issued through other PHECC Recognised Institutions (RIs) unless the holder is also a currently certified BLS instructor and is also a Nurse, Paramedic, Advanced Paramedic or Doctor.

Recognition of Prior Learning

All currently certified IHF ACLS instructors who also hold BLS and CFR Community Instructor certifications can receive recognition of prior learning (RPL) and therefore are under no compulsion to attend an up-skilling workshop.

They will need to contact the Foundation to receive their CFR Advanced Instructor Certification prior to teaching any CFR Advanced courses. Contact the Foundation via email here or call us on: 01 668 5001.