Advanced Cardiac Life Support Experienced Provider (ACLS EP) Instructor Course

The objective of this instructor course is to train currently certified ACLS Instructors to be able to facilitate the delivery of the IHF / AHA certified ACLS for Experienced Providers (ACLS EP) Course.

Please note that instructor candidates must hold current ACLS Instructor certification in order to attend this course.

This instructor course is conducted in the form of a workshop where the instructor candidate will practice facilitating all of the new formats involved in the ACLS EP course, with constructive feedback from faculty and peers. Candidates will also participate as providers during the workshop as others facilitate learning stations. Guidance will also be given as to session preparation, and time management.

ACLS EP instructors should have relevant clinical background as they will be expected to be proficient in 2 or more learning stations of the course which include clinical pharmacology and toxicology, respiratory and metabolic, cardiovascular and post-cardiac arrest care.

ACLS EP instructor certification is valid for 2 years and to be eligible to re-certify instructors must teach on a minimum of 4 ACLS Provider Courses, at least one of which must be an ACLS EP Provider Course. Re-certification should be conducted before the current instructor card expires.

To re-certify the instructor must successfully demonstrate all ACLS provider skills, complete any relevant updates as required (e.g. guidelines updates) and the instructor should be monitored by a faculty member or medical director while teaching on and ACLS or ACLS EP provider course.

The Irish Heart Foundation notifies the affiliated organisations who offer ACLS training through its programme asking them to put forward nominated candidates for the course.

Instructor Recertification for all Disciplines

All Irish Heart Foundation Instructors are required to re-certify every two years in order to stay current as an instructor. Certification expires at the end of the month two years from the date of the initial training course or last recertification.

Recertification must be done before current certification lapses otherwise an instructor will be required to complete the full instructor course again. Please note the Foundation does not send reminders to instructors when their certification is due to lapse, so it is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure they re-certify before their current certification lapses.

In order to be eligible to re-certify as an instructor, you must have taught a minimum of 4 courses in your appropriate instructor discipline in the two year period of your certification and the following must be completed before your current certification lapses:

Only the Irish Heart Foundation may grant an extension for monitoring or recertification in special exceptions. Please contact the Foundation via email or call us on: 01 668 5001 should you wish to request an extension.

Please note that only the following may conduct instructor monitoring/instructor recertification:


All original monitor forms must be submitted to the Irish Heart Foundation and a photocopy retained by the instructor or training site. Completed forms can be scanned and emailed to or posted to CPR & ECC Department, Irish Heart Foundation, 50 Ringsend Road, Dublin 4.

Instructor Reciprocity

An instructor from the American Heart Association or another AHA affiliated International Training Organisation may gain reciprocity to teach in the Republic of Ireland through the Irish Heart Foundation’s CPR & ECC Training Programme.

Instructors wishing to undergo this process should contact the Foundation via email or call us on: 01 668 5001 for further details of the requirements to do so.