Advanced Cardiac Life Support Experienced Provider Courses

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Experienced Provider (ACLS EP) Course

The aim of the ACLS EP Course is to expand ACLS knowledge beyond the standard primary and secondary survey, and to give the learner a systematic approach towards identifying and treating underlying causes of cardiac arrest.

The ACLS EP Course expands on the core ACLS Provider Course and covers cardiac arrest prevention and other life–threatening emergencies.

Topics covered include electrolyte imbalances, environmental emergencies and toxicology. The course also provides a deeper knowledge for understanding and treating ACLS patients.

It is an excellent course for developing the skills and knowledge of those working in the critical care setting and any individual expected to lead in a cardiac arrest of other life threatening scenario.

It is also useful for seasoned ACLS Providers who wish to renew their provider status.

The ACLS EP course is one day in length and presumes a good level of knowledge and a clinical background involving resuscitation and covers a number of advanced skills and topics.

The formal assessments are CPR/AED, megacode and ACLS multiple choice written exam. The learning stations within the course are exactly that, learning stations and candidate input is sought and valued.

If you are able to successfully complete both the written exam and all skills assessment components of the course (BLS/AED, airway and megacode) and participate in the relevant discussion sessions throughout the course you will receive an IHF/AHA ACLS EP Provider course completion card that is valid for 2 years.

For further information or to register for an ACLS EP Provider Course please contact the course coordinator of your chosen course in the list below.

ACLS EP 2018 Timetable

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