Learning CPR is Vital, For All of Us

Learning CPR is easy, everyone can and should do it.

Maybe you already know a bit, or you did a course a few years ago, or maybe you think it’ll never happen to you. Or that someone else will know what to do if it does. Sadly this isn’t the case. If you don’t know CPR, no one else will.

In fact, now more than ever, we need more people to learn CPR; there’s strength in numbers, and given that two-thirds of cardiac arrests can happen at home, the need for doing CPR will most likely be on someone you love dearly. And ‘maybe’ knowing how to do it won’t be enough to save their life – or them to save yours.

So, please take a moment to view our courses below and to talk to your friends, colleagues, community and family members about learning CPR together.

It’s yours and everyone’s best chance of survival.

Choosing the course that’s right for you?

There are three main categories of courses available, and within these, there is a choice of formats depending on the level of knowledge or training you wish to achieve.