Help train a new generation of lifesavers in Ireland

CPR 4 Schools is a free programme available for all post primary schools in Ireland.

The programme provides students and teachers with the skills and confidence to recognise cardiac arrest and perform hands-only CPR.

Following training students will know:

How does it work?

The CPR 4 Schools takes a train the trainer approach whereby teachers attend a CPR 4 Schools workshop in their local education centre. These teachers are guided through the process of how to deliver CPR 4 Schools training in their classroom to their students.

The course uses a mixture of videos, lesson plans and worksheets to ensure ease of access within the classroom.

Each new school to the programme receives a free manikin kit and training worth €1,000 which they can use to practice in their school.

Why participate?

“Students have really enjoyed the training and were all eager to complete the programme. A great initiative”


Who can attend?

All schools who have a relevant Department of Education post-primary school roll number can take part in the CPR 4 Schools programme.


Special Recognition Award

The special recognition award recognises a school’s exceptional efforts in training its students in CPR. The award means that a school has trained all of its students.

Schools wishing to apply for the award can contact for more information.

Congratulations to the following schools for achieving a special recognition award.

CPR 4 Schools Teachers Login


CPR 4 Schools teacher workshops


For more information – please contact or can call schools via the main line.

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