CPR 4 Schools, Creating Life-Savers for Life

The Irish Heart Foundation teams up with Bank of Ireland to train a new generation of lifesavers.

Some 5,000 people die of sudden cardiac arrest every year.  70% of cardiac arrests happen in the home in front of a bystander – starting CPR can double the chance of survival.

The Irish Heart Foundation in association with Bank of Ireland has launched the CPR 4 schools training programme. Designed for post-primary schools – the innovative programme equips teachers with the skills to deliver CPR training to teach their students.

Our goal is to have trained 72% of post-primary schools by 2019

Irish Heart Foundation’s Basic Life Support expert Brigid Sinnott

The Irish Heart Foundation’s expert CPR 4 Schools team deliver training via education centres to teachers who are then provided with an online programme which can be taught effectively in the classroom. In addition, Irish Heart provides schools with free kits worth €600 which consist of training manikins.

Irish Heart Foundation’s Basic Life Support expert Brigid Sinnott said:  “We are delighted to launch the CPR 4 Schools programme in association with Bank of Ireland.

Starting CPR immediately can double a person's chance of survival

Brigid Sinnott

“Schools are an ideal setting to reach all children and young people to help reduce the incidence of premature death and disability from heart disease and stroke which is Ireland’s number one killer,” continues Brigid.

The CPR 4 Schools programme consists of the following:

Please note that schools must commit to conducting ongoing training to retain their manikin pack and two teachers from each school must attend the 2-hour workshop.

For more information – please contact schools@irishheart.ie or can call schools via the main line.

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