Application for Training Site Affiliation to CPR & ECC Training Programme

The IHF CPR & ECC Training Programme provides resuscitation training through over 200 affiliated training sites situated throughout Ireland. These sites provide a variety of different training courses across the disciplines of Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

IHF is the administrative body for the training programme and is responsible for ensuring that all courses and training follow the appropriate standards and guidelines. The Foundation supports and monitors its affiliated training sites and provides updates and information to all sites and instructors as necessary.

IHF is an International Training Centre (ITC) affiliated to the American Heart Association’s ECC Training Programme and is also a Recognised Training Institution of the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) in Ireland. IHF follows the guidelines and standards set by both organisations.

The IHF has one resuscitation council (ACLS Council) that helps establish national policies and procedures for how the AHA science and programme content is to be implemented in Ireland. The Council provides input and direction with technical matters of the ACLS Training Programme.

The IHF CPR programme currently has approximately 3,000 certified Instructors across the disciplines of Heartsaver, BLS, CFR Community, ACLS and ACLS EP.

Unfortunately IHF is unable to take on an unlimited supply of training sites that wish to affiliate to the training programme. However we are pleased to be able to currently accept new applications for affiliation to the CPR & ECC Training Programme and will issue those which are successful in their application with a contract of affiliation.

The closing date for applications is Friday July 31st 2020 and organisations should not contact us prior to Friday August 28th 2020 regarding their application.

Training Site Responsibilities

Training Sites affiliated to the IHF CPR & ECC Training Programme are required to follow the guidelines and protocols for Training Sites as set by IHF. These responsibilities include maintenance of accurate course records, ensuring strict adherence to AHA/ IHF/ PHECC guidelines for each course, providing timely and accurate reports to IHF, assisting in distributing information through the training network, etc. Organisations applying for affiliation to the programme should ensure they are adequately staffed and resourced to facilitate this.

All instructors, training site coordinators and affiliated training sites within the IHF CPR & ECC training programme are representatives of our programme and are therefore expected to show respect and courtesy to all the organisations and individuals they deal with.

Please be aware that all affiliated Training Sites are required to pay an annual Administration fee to IHF which is currently €300.

The Application Process

Unfortunately IHF will only be able to accept a limited number of new training sites so please be aware that until a contract is signed by both parties that no formal agreement is in place with an organisation. It is not the case that submitting an application will automatically result in the issue of a contract of affiliation.

To apply for affiliation to the programme, the Training Site Coordinator for your proposed training site should complete the application form.

All of the information on this application form should be completed. Supporting information must also be submitted with the completed application form so please refer to the Application Checklist for information regarding the required documents to be included with the completed application form. Please note: Your insurance and professional indemnity cover must cover the Training Site and not individual cover for instructors working through your site.

Any incomplete applications will be returned to the applying organisation and only complete applications received before Friday 31st July 2020 will be able to be reviewed and considered for affiliation.

Once a completed application with appropriate supporting documents has been received, a written acknowledgement of receipt will be issued to the applying organisation within 10 working days. If you do not receive acknowledgement of receipt of your application within 10 working days please contact us. Incomplete applications will be returned directly.

Regrettably, due to the level of demand for affiliation to the programme we will only be able to consider organisations where the completed application form with all the required supporting documentation has been received on or before Friday 31st July 2020. No exceptions will be made.

Please note that the establishment and retention of a Training Site’s Contract of Affiliation is at the sole discretion of IHF. While unsuccessful applicants are not restricted in applying for affiliation, successive applications do not automatically result in affiliation. The IHF reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant. The Foundation’s decision on each application is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Following the closing date for applications the Affiliation Review Committee will evaluate and consider all complete applications. Due to the ongoing workload of the Foundation we would request that applying organisations refrain from contacting Irish Heart regarding the status of their application prior to 28th August 2020 when the Application Review Committee has planned to have completed all reviews and issued appropriate notice to all applying organisations. Please note that contacting the IHF prior to this date will not expedite the process and all applying organisations will be notified of the success or otherwise of their application by letter by 28th August 2020.

Please send the completed application form and all required supporting documents by email only to All Applications and Supporting Documentation should be submitted as a single application document.

NB: Closing Date for Applications & Supporting Documentation: Friday 31st July 2020 (Close of business)