Your health - Our programmes

Your Health and our Programmes

At the Irish Heart Foundation we work to support you keep your heart healthy.

We do this a number of ways from providing updated health information and advice to running a number of health promotion programmes in the community, workplaces and with other groups.

Your Health

Cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke is one of the leading causes of death in Ireland.

However, the good news is that 80 per cent of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable. Lifestyle measures such as stopping smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and diet, regular exercise and checking for and treating conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol can all help.

Through the Your Health information on our website you can learn ways to help you keep your heart healthy by managing your risk factors and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can also access all the latest information on heart disease and stroke from their symptoms and causes to prevention and treatment.


Your Health

Information and advice on ways to keep your heart healthy

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Our health promotion programmes

The Irish Heart Foundation is committed to helping everyone live happier and healthier lives.

We work with various groups across the country in a range of locations from workplaces to communities to schools and farmers marts to provide them with the advice and information they need to maintain healthy lifestyles from encouraging exercise to tips and advice on health eating and providing heart health checks.

Our Programmes

Learn about the different ways we are working with people across Ireland to help them live healthier lives

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A-Z Condition Index

Use our A-Z Condition Index to learn more about the signs, symptoms, tests, and treatments for a range of cardiovascular conditions.

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