To the Moon and Back - Get primary school kids moving

One in four Irish children is considered to be obese – with less than 20% of primary school children reaching their 10,000 steps or 60 minutes activity a day.

The distance covered by 14,785 children is equal to 768,806 km – which is the distance to the Moon and Back!

Our national campaign, To the Moon and Back offers schools a FUN and interactive challenge for the whole school while also providing cross-curricular links for teachers.

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How do I track steps

Irish Heart will give you everything you need – pedometers for children, lesson plans, classroom break ideas (all delivered to your whiteboard) along with sponsorship cards.

The number of steps achieved by each child will be recorded and an average calculated for the class as a whole.

How do I fundraise

Every euro raised will go to the Irish Heart Healthy Schools programme.

Sponsorship collected will be lodged directly by schools to Irish Heart, and schools will be rewarded for their fundraising with skipping ropes, bouncy balls and other physical activity gear!


To sign up or for more information, register here or email

Creative concept donated by Pat Kilcoyne and Aidan Tighe of Sligo