Dr Brian Maurer

Dr Brian Maurer achievements in advancing coronary care gained him international recognition as a pioneer of cardiology in Ireland.

Dr Brian Maurer was Medical Director and President of the Irish Heart Foundation from 2000 – 2010.

He was also Consultant Cardiologist and Director of Cardiology at St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin.

Brian’s primary focus was always what was best for the patient and he collaborated tirelessly with colleagues across the country to elevate standards of patient treatment and care.

His infectious combination of enthusiasm, energy, and determination brought him renown and great affection among patients and the medical profession alike.

As well as his work with the Irish Heart foundation Brian also served as Member of Council and Executive Member of the Irish Medical Association, as well as Secretary and President of the Irish Cardiac Society.

Brian’s work with the Irish Heart Foundation has saved countless lives. He played a pivotal role in the Foundation’s fight against heart disease and stroke, influencing the initiatives and policies that have resulted in significant reductions in deaths from cardiovascular disease in Ireland.

Dr. Brian Maurer passed away on the 13th October 2013.