Aura Holohan Group

The Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) has been selected as the Aura Holohan Groups chosen Charity of the Year for 2018/2019.

The group runs 10 Aura Leisure Centres nationwide, 3 Anytime Fitness Clubs in Dublin and our high-end University Facility DKIT Sport in Dundalk aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the community through exercise, sport and active lifestyles. Like the Irish Heart Foundation, Aura Holohan Group is committed to working towards a happier and healthier Ireland.

There is huge synergy between both organisations; both are community-based, trusted health brands with a commitment to putting people at the centre of their work.

Aura have already held a number of great fundraising events for the Irish Heart Foundation including Water Polo Matches, Spinathons, Healthy Bake-Offs, Coffee mornings, Raffles, and their company-wide plank challenge. We are hugely grateful to all the  staff at Aura for investing their time and energy in supporting our cause and helping spread our message.

Gar Holohan, Founder and Executive Chairman at the Aura Holohan Group said, “We are absolutely delighted to partner with the IHF. We particularly admire their dedication and commitment to supporting families who have been affected by heart disease and stroke.

“Family and community are the core of our company and both the Irish Heart Foundation and Aura Holohan Group share an aligned vision for a healthier and happier Ireland.

“By working together, we are one step closer to making both our missions a reality. This partnership will help to further enable us to support more families and we have already received a great response from employees willing to fund raise for us and we can’t wait for the partnership to start”.

If you are a company looking for an opportunity to work or partner with the Irish Heart find out more here or please contact Mary Ann in our Corporate Team by email or call 01 6685001.

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