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Bizzy @ Home Learning Hub

Welcome to the Bizzy @ Home Learning Hub

Below you will find lots of free worksheets that you can send home or use in the classroom.

Looking after our wellbeing has never been more important which is why we have focused on SPHE, getting active and mindfulness resources for children as well as fun seasonal worksheets. Scroll down for:

Creative Activities: Activities for getting active and creative at home

Mindfulness: Mindfulness and wellbeing resources and activities

Easter Activities: Easter activity sheets

Halloween Activities: Halloween activity sheets

Class worksheets: Individual worksheets with curricular links in numeracy, literacy, art, SPHE etc…

Lessons for Online Classes: PowerPoint activities and games for online lessons for remote learning linked to the school curriculum.

We have also teamed up with DCU and the PDST to provide PE at home lessons. Click here for a suite of easy to use PE videos.

Halloween Activities

Halloween Activity Sheets

New Resources

Recycling Bin Challenge

Show how creative reuse can make active opportunities.


Summer Walk

Take the time to notice what you see, hear, feel and smell on a summer walk.


Creative Activities

Use these fun activities at home.

Active Alphabet

(Get Active- Language) Spell out words using movement

Animal Moves

(Get Active) Move like these animals

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

(Get Active) Find these items in your home

Movement Dice

(Get Active) Roll the dice and do the activity


(Get Active) Try these skipping activities at home

Sports from Around the World

(Get Active) Learn about new sports and try some moves

Top 10 Balloon Ideas

(Get Active) Use balloons to get active at home

Top 10 Beanbag Ideas

(Get Active) Use beanbags to get active at home

Folding Surprise

(Art) Start with a heart and expand for a folding surprise

Heart Stamps

(Art) Easy to make at home heart stamps

Heart Symmetry

(Art) Use this simple technique to explore symmetry

Bizzy Colouring Sheet

(Art) Colour in our mascot Bizzy

Teddy Bear Colouring Sheet

(Art) Colour this teddy bear or use it to help with mindfulness exercise Teddy Bear Tap

Mindfulness Colouring Sheet

(Art) Colour this butterfly and use for the butterfly body scan


Take a moment each day to focus on your breathing or mindful activities. These are simple easy to use exercises that can be done together online or by pupils at home while linking to SPHE.

Mindfulness Booklet

Teacher's resource

Ways to Relax

Relaxation tips

Gratitude Diary

Write your daily intentions

Take a Stretch

Yoga practice

Triangle Breathing

Simple breathing exercise

Shape Breathing

Simple breathing exercises

Magic Carpet Mindfulness

Relaxation activity

Glitter Jar

Requires adult assistance

Rainbow Breathing

Breathing exercise and colouring sheet

Easter Activities

Easter activity sheets.

Egg Hunt- Colour & Shapes

Find the shapes & colour

Easter Word Hunt

Word search with Easter clues

Egg Drop - the Eggs-perminent

Find a way to protect your egg

Send an Easter Message

Use this template to send an Easter message

Start the day an Egg-cellent way

Yummy egg recipes to try at home

Family Favourites

A fun game to play with family or friends

Easter Bunny

Create your own Easter Bunny

Class worksheets

Easy to use worksheets to send home to pupils.

Physical Activity Tracker

(Get Active) Track your daily PA -Lesson plan above

Food Source Junior

(SPHE-Maths) Sort into the correct category

Food Source Senior

(SPHE-Maths) Sort into the correct category

Fruit Salad Sequence

(SPHE-Maths) Put in the correct order

Food Letters- Lower case Letters

(Language-SPHE) Trace lower case letters of fruit & veg

Food Letters - Capital Letters

(Language-SPHE) Trace capital letters of familiar fruit & veg

My Body Junior

(SPHE-Language) Add the capital

My Body Senior

(SPHE-Language) Complete the word

How Many?

(SPHE-Maths) Find the correct number of body parts

My Hero

(SPHE-Language) Describe your hero

Repeating Patterns

(Maths) Draw the next shape in the pattern

Know Your Heart

(SPHE-Maths) Do a pulse experiment

Heart Crossword

(Language-SPHE) Crossword with heart related clues

Opposites Puzzle

(Language) Find the opposite word from the clues

Opposites Puzzle Answers

(Language) Teacher's answers

The Same but Different

(Language) Find synonyms and antonyms

Where is Bizzy?

(Language) Familiarise pupils with prepositions

Down by the Sea Wordsearch

(Language) Wordsearch with words linked to the sea

Lessons for Online Classes

Use these powerpoints and teachers lesson packs for your online classes.

Mindfulness Booklet

(SPHE) Activities for everyday use

Food Source Powerpoint

(SPHE-Maths) Sort into correct category

Fruit & Veg Flashcards

(SPHE) Familiarise pupils with fruit & veg

Fruit & Veg Classification Powerpoint

(SPHE-Maths) Classify fruit & vegetables

Food Letters

(SPHE-Language) Introduce fruit and vegetables

Fruit Salad Sequence Powerpoint

(SPHE-Maths) Sort into correct sequence

How Much Physical Activity?

(SPHE-Maths) Track physical activity -tracker in worksheets

Animal Moves Powerpoint

(Get Active) Movement actions

Pulse Experiment

(SPHE-Maths) Learn to measure heart rate

Clothes for all Seasons

(Maths-Geography) Match clothes to correct season

Where is Bizzy Powerpoint

(Language) Familiarise pupils with prepositions

Funky Fruit Powerpoint

(Get Active) Movement actions to funky fruit

New Primary School Resources

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