Irish Heart Foundation Stroke Manifesto

The rate of death and permanent severe disability from stroke in Ireland has been reduced dramatically in recent years. But hundreds of people are still dying every year when their lives could be saved.

And thousands more are not receiving basic services that would enable them to make the most of life after stroke. In cold print this may read like an inconvenience. In fact, deficits in acute, rehabilitation and community services are devastating lives.

Stroke is unlike any other disease. It can hit anyone, of any age at any time. If it doesn’t kill you, it can rob you of your power of speech, of sight and swallow; it can leave you paralysed, incontinent and forced to spend the rest of your life dependent on others to carry out the smallest and most personal tasks.

Modest additional investment in hospital and community services would have a life-changing impact on many people. And yet they continue to suffer. Even when we can prove the services they are being denied are cost effective.

Download the Stroke Manifesto 2017