Our Policies

We are leading the way in the fight against heart disease and stroke in Ireland.

We campaign to influence government policy to improve care for patients and for real change for those affected by heart disease and stroke.

As the national charity fighting heart disease and stroke we have seen great achievements and success through our advocacy campaigns.

Sadly, 10,000 people a year still die from cardiovascular disease in Ireland and 2,000 of these die annually from stroke. Heart disease and stroke remains the no.1 killer in Ireland. Furthermore, Ireland is on its way to become Europe’s most obese nation by 2020.

Our policies of today are designed to tackle modern problems such as obesity and to prevent premature deaths while also improving the health and care for people all over Ireland.

You can view our current key policies, our campaigns and proposed solutions below and find out how you too can get involved or help raise awareness and funds to help.

Every policy, person, place and community must work together to tackle these national health challenges. We are all in this together.

What we're pushing for

We campaign to influence Government policy in order to improve care for patients and to prevent premature deaths. We are fighting for real change for people affected by heart disease and stroke.