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Our vision is that every person living in Ireland will live a long, active and healthy life free from heart disease and stroke.

We know more than 60% of adults over 45 years have high blood pressure in Ireland, placing them at greater risk of stroke or heart attack.

The burden of chronic heart failure has increased due to the expanding elderly population affecting 90,000 people living in Ireland and responsible for 20,000 hospital admissions annually.

Meanwhile the most common heart rhythm disorder called Atrial Fibrillation, is estimated to affect 40,000 adults in Ireland aged 50 years plus. It often goes unnoticed yet it carries a five-fold additional risk of stroke.

There is a lot we can do to look after our health and reduce our risk of heart attack and stroke and other conditions and Irish Heart is here to lead the way.


A New Approach

Patients and families come first and in recent months, we have been reviewing our strategic approach to best serve the needs of the people of Ireland so they can live life better and longer.

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50 years preventing heart disease and stroke

Established in 1966 by a group of medical professionals, for more than 50 years we have led the way in reducing deaths from heart disease and stroke through our research, education and community service to help Irish people live longer, healthier lives.

Along with the American Heart Association, our organisation has distinguished itself by enshrining ‘prevention’ as a cornerstone principle. We have significantly helped to transform the landscape of heart disease and stroke in Ireland over the years with many achievements along the way:

We have a bold vision for the next 50 years, including a 25 per cent reduction in deaths from premature heart disease and stroke by 2025.

It’s the people from the ground up who help make it possible. People like you and all of our staff and volunteers all around Ireland. Leading us on the path to empowerment of others to live life better, are our voluntary board members. Get to know them and their qualifications, and get to know why we’re making a big difference to the number one killer.

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