SADS Support Group

The coronavirus pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our lives. While we must all now stay physically apart, we are not alone.

Our nurses are available on phone and email support Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Call 01 6685001 or email

All our heart support groups have moved to telephone and online support. We have also launched private Facebook group for people with heart failure and other heart conditions and their carers which is moderated by nurses and give you access to expert information and allow you to share your thoughts and concerns with similarly affected people.  All groups include home-based exercise videos, advice from nurses, tips on diet and peer to peer support which is vital at this time

We are accepting new members in all of our groups.  If you would like to join, please contact us or call 01 6685001

The SADS Support Group is for families who have lost a young loved one or friend to SADS.

The Group is run by people who have suffered such a loss and is supported by the Irish Heart Foundation.

Understanding SADS and getting support

A person who passes away suddenly from a suspected heart rhythm abnormality is said to have died from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS). Heart conditions such as Cardiomyopathy and Long QT Syndrome are the main causes of SADS. It is estimated that 70 to 100 people, under the age of 40 years, die in Ireland each year from SADS.

Support, advice and someone to talk to

The SADS Support Group offers a supportive and guiding hand to people by providing support, information, practical advice and opportunities for members to meet or talk to each other.

The SADS Support Group holds national information meetings, an annual memorial ceremony and an annual healing weekend. To offer comfort and share their experiences, committee members are available to get in touch with families affected by SADS by phone, email or in person. Please note our support group functions on a national basis; we do not have small local groups that you can physically attend.

Membership is free

Membership is free of charge. If you would like to join the group or to connect with members – please email Tracy Egan.