Cardiac Rehabilitation from hospital to home

Cardiac rehabilitation is a programme of exercise and education which will enable you to return to a full, active and healthy life.

During your hospital stay, a member of the cardiac rehabilitation team will visit you and explain the cardiac rehabilitation programme in detail before you go home.

Remember, the cardiac rehabilitation team is there to help you and increase your confidence. This is just the start of your journey on the road to recovery. In addition, your support network, your GP, family and friends can all play an important role in your recovery.

Cardiac rehabilitation is divided into four separate phases.

These are: Phase 1 : In hospital, Phase 2: Going Home, Phase 3: Education and Exercise and Phase 4: Community or home based programme.

Below you will see a series of videos to accompany the patient booklet which will help you on your journey to recovery.

They cover a range of topics from understanding cardiovascular disease and cardiac rehabilitation to every aspect of the rehabilitation journey, from your hospital stay to going home, as well as information on medication,  sex and heart disease and a home based exercise programme.

Cardiac Rehab for All Videos

Introduction to Cardiac Rehab for All

The Medical Director of the Irish Heart Foundation Dr Angie Brown introduces the Cardiac Rehab for All programme

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Introduction to Cardiovascular disease

• Your heart and how it works
• What is cardiovascular disease?
• Types of cardiovascular disease

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In Hospital

• Meeting the cardiac rehabilitation team
• Discharge from hospital
• Lifestyle changes

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Going Home

• What to expect
• Minding your mental health
• What symptoms to watch out for

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

• An overview of Cardiac Rehabilitation
• Referral to specialist services if needed
• Individualised programme

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• Types of medicines used in cardiovascular disease
• Managing your medications
• Common side effects

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Sex & Heart Disease

• Does cardiovascular disease affect your sex life?
• When is it safe to resume sex after a cardiovascular event?
• Erectile difficulties

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Typical Psychological Reactions

• Anxiety
• Sleep difficulties
• Asking for help

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Home Based Exercises

• Importance of exercise in cardiac rehabilitation
• Symptoms to monitor
• 10-minute exercise circuit

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