Challenge FAQ

Virtual Challenge FAQ

What is the 3,000 Jumps in July skipping challenge?

Using a skipping rope, we challenge you to skip 3,000 times throughout the month of July while fundraising for the Irish Heart Foundation.

When does the challenge start?

The challenge starts on July 1st – but don’t worry if you sign up after this date – you can complete 3,000 Jumps in July anytime within the month. Simply choose a start date in July that suits you and you are ready go.

How many skips to I have to do each day in July?

You can complete the challenge between July 1st to July 31st. You could break this up into 100 skips or jumps every day or maybe you’d rather do 1,000 skips at the weekend. It is up to you!

How do I keep track of how many skips I have done?

After signing up, you will receive your very own tracker – you can use it to write down the number of skips you do each day. You can then share your progress with other group members, as well as on your Facebook fundraiser to keep family, friends and colleagues up to date.

Alternatively, there are many free apps available to download to help you track your skips. We have found both the jump rope counter and skipping flow apps to be particularly helpful.

Can I do more than 3,000 skips?

Absolutely! This is a personal challenge and if you feel up for more than 3,000 skips – go for it.

How do I get a fundraising pack?

Once you have set up your Facebook fundraiser, we will send you a link to register for the fundraising pack. When we receive your details, we will send your 3,000 Jumps in July #SkippingChallenge fundraising pack in the post.

Do I have to set up a fundraising page? 

In order to receive your fundraising pack, you will have to set up a fundraising page. Facebook is the easiest way to fundraise and you might be surprised by just how generous your friends are!

How do I set up a 3,000 Jumps in July Facebook fundraising page?

Please follow this link here  to set up your fundraising page. You can also go to the Irish Heart Foundation’s Facebook page and press ‘Create Fundraiser’.  Be sure to edit the end date of your fundraiser so it does not end before your challenge!

Can I take part in this challenge with my colleagues/company?

Please contact the Sarah Coy for more information.

Where can I purchase a skipping rope?

Skipping ropes can be bought at most good sports retailers and can vary in price depending on your needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic jump rope, a weighted rope, one that’s counts your reps or even one that connects to your phone, it can be found.