How to Skip - Step by Step guide.

Don’t know how to skip? No worries! Check out our step by step guide

Use the correct rope for you.

It is important that your skipping rope is the right length so that it is long enough for you to be able to jump over it but not too long that you trip yourself up. The handles should reach your armpits when standing on the middle of the rope. However, ropes are not necessary, you can complete the challenge without one.


Pick a suitable surface

If possible, try to skip and jump on a softer surface like an exercise mat rather than tarmac or concrete. This will be kinder to your joints!


Set yourself up.

Keep your hands close to your body and bend your elbows while standing straight with your feet close together. Start with the rope behind you so that it touches the back of your feet. Gently rotate your wrists to swing the rope overhead. Your elbows and shoulders should barely move, if at all.



When the rope comes towards your feet, jump about 1” off the ground. Remember to jump on the midsoles of your feet, pushing off the balls of your feet instead of using your knees.



Start at a slow pace, don’t push yourself too hard. Gradually speed up as your body warms up.


Set goals

Break down the 3,000 jumps into smaller more achievable goals each week or day. Whether you would like to do 100 jumps every day or 1,000 in a weekend.