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Launch of Stop Targeting Kids

Our Stop Targeting Kids campaign seeks your support to stop junk food and drinks brands from using hidden and manipulative marketing tactics on children.

Read more about why this campaign is so important.

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Parents bring concerns on junk food marketing to Minister

Concerned parents met with the Minister for Health Promotion to renew calls for a ban on junk food marketing to kids.

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Code of practice on junk food marketing is worthless

Recent State-funded research estimates that 85,000 of today’s children on the island of Ireland will die prematurely due to overweight and obesity – more than twice the entire Irish death toll in the first World War.

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Targeting: how junk food and drinks brands are accessing your kids

Junk food and drink brands use various methods to target your children from clever advertising to social media. Learn about these techniques below and help protect your children from them.

Stealth Marketing

Discover some of Brand Manager Kerry Connolly Cooper’s sneaky digital targeting techniques

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Catching Kids Alone

Kerry Connolly Cooper loves the 6 o'clock watershed - find out why!

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Getting Them Young

Learn tips on building brand loyalty from Kerry Connolly Cooper.

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