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We developed a fake Brand Manager called Kerry Connolly Cooper so she could tell you the sneaky digital targeting techniques used by Chewbos, O’Spud Crisps and Cola Rade.

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Targeting Kids Online


Junk food and drinks companies are targeting kids with sophisticated and covert methods. Learn about these techniques below and help protect your children from them.

Online Marketing: Stealth Marketing

Discover some of Brand Manager Kerry Connolly Cooper’s sneaky digital targeting techniques.

Online Marketing: Targeting Kids

Find out what Kerry Connolly Cooper loves most about targeting kids online.

Online Marketing: Competition Time

Learn how running online competitions make junk food and drinks brands the real winners!

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Targeting Kids at Home

TV Advertising: Catching Kids Alone

Kerry Connolly Cooper loves the 6 o’clock watershed – find out why!

TV Advertising: Family Entertainment

Discover the benefits of advertising to kids in front of their parents.

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Targeting Kids at School

Vending Machines: ​​​​​​​Win-Win

Discover why school vending machines are a dream for the beverage industry.

Vending Machines: Getting Them Young

Learn tips on building brand loyalty from Kerry Connolly Cooper.

Celebrity Pulling ​​​​​​​Power

Find out why healthy famous ambassadors are worth every penny!