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Stop Targeting Kids

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Take Back Control​​​​​​​

Large junk food and drink brands are targeting children through underhand and unregulated marketing tactics. It's time to stop them.


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Sign and share our petition so we can show the government that we want junk food and drink brands to Stop Targeting Kids.


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Take Back Control

Social media platforms can take immediate action to stop marketing unhealthy food to kids. But they don’t. Let’s stop this advertising to under-18s.

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Protect our Kids

Protect children from the underhand and covert digital techniques.

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Stop Them Targeting Kids

According to an Irish Heart Foundation - 70% of parents of 13-14 years-old identified marketing tactics used on children as immortal, dishonest and exploitative. Take back control

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Sign the Petition to protect our children

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Targeting: How junk brands are accessing your kids

Junk food and drink brands use various methods to target your children from clever advertising to social media. Learn about these techniques below and help protect your children from them.

Stealth Marketing

Discover some of Kerry's sneaky digital targeting techniques.

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Catching Kids Alone

Kerry Connolly Cooper loves the 6 o'clock watershed - find out why!

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Getting Them Young

Schools, where children learn about brand loyality.

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