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Childhood Obesity

We have to do more to protect our children's health. It is estimated that 85,000 of this generation of children will die prematurely from the long-term effects of overweight and obesity. Drastic action is needed.

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Research shows junk food marketing heaps extra calories onto children’s diets.

Brands establish and encourage unhealthy eating habits during childhood that will have lifelong consequences, including a much greater risk of heart disease and stroke.

Junk food and drink brands understand children are highly impressionable and through slick unregulated marketing, they directly and indirectly exert influence

These ads are working – It’s time to stop them.

With your support for our petition, the Irish Heart Foundation wants the Irish Government to stop junk food and drink brands targeting children.

This action is one of a number of recommendations we believe can help turn the tide of the obesity crisis that threatens our children.

1. Stop junk brands targeting kids

We know that junk food marketing plays a causal role in obesity among children. We want the Government to end the daily bombardment of such adverts by regulating online and social media marketing and extending the current broadcast ban to 9 pm.


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2. Protect schools

Creating a healthier school environment falls under two main pillars; better nutrition and more inclusive physical activity. We must remove junk food brands and their products from our schools and implement no fry zones to limit the availability of fast food.

Read our Campaign Manifesto

3. Stop misleading health claims on packaging

Action is needed to protect consumers, including young people, from misleading health claims and confusing product labels. Consumers are entitled to rely on honest, clear and concise information about products high in fat, sugar and salt.

Read our Campaign Manifesto

4. Reformulation and portion reduction

Not enough is being done to reduce often hugely excessive levels of fat, sugar and salt in food aimed at children. Food portions have grown significantly in the last generation due to marketing tactics and sales strategies in shops, restaurants and other food outlets.

Read our Campaign Manifesto

5. Set up a Children’s Future Health Fund

We are calling on the Irish Government to set up a health fund to combat child obesity and food poverty with money raised from the tax on sugar-sweetened drinks. A new health fund would provide free drinking water in schools; cheaper fruit and vegetables for families; extra funding for school breakfast and lunch clubs; and PE classes for all children.

Read our Campaign Manifesto

Targeting: How junk brands access your kids

Junk food and drink brands use various methods to target your children from clever advertising to social media. Learn about these techniques below and help protect your children from them.

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