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Health Impact on our Children

The link between junk food marketing and child obesity has been conclusively proved. We are now seeing eight year-olds with high blood pressure and young people with early signs of heart disease that used to only be seen in middle age.


The Impact on Kid's Health

Marketing's Pivotal Role

The promotion of unhealthy food plays a pivotal role in unhealthy eating. The relentless targeting of children by junk food and drink marketers has contributed to a shift in the balance of children’s diets.

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Impact on children

One in four primary school children in Ireland is overweight or obese. In the short-term a poor diet can affect a child's behaviour, concentration, learning ability and mood.

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Changing habits

The effects of targeting children with junk food marketing establishes and encourages eating habits that cause obesity and heart disease in children. 2 in 3 children report they consume snack foods or sugar sweetened drinks daily.

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The Longer-term risks

Adult Obesity

Childhood obesity is damaging children’s health, often with lifelong consequences.

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Chronic disease

Children who are obese are far more likely to become obese adults and therefore are at much greater risk of an adult life dominated by chronic disease and then of premature death.

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Heart disease & stroke

Obesity contributes to high blood pressure and cholesterol, blood clotting and raised blood insulin levels. In the longer term, obesity is related to the development of heart disease and stroke.

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Targeting: How junk brands are accessing your kids

Junk food and drink brands use various methods to target your children from clever advertising to social media. Learn about these techniques below and help protect your children from them.

Stealth Marketing

Discover some of Brand Manager Kerry Connolly Cooper’s sneaky digital targeting techniques.

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Catching Kids Alone

Kerry Connolly Cooper loves the 6 o'clock watershed - find out why!

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Getting Them Young

Learn tips on building brand loyalty from Kerry Connolly Cooper.

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