Fred Cooke serenades with ‘songs from the heart’

Volunteering his time to support our Happy Heart appeal – comedian Fred Cooke serenaded the public in Dublin with ‘songs from the heart’.

This May we need 3,000 volunteers to help sell their iconic happy hearts and raise vital funds to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest, which claims 5,000 lives in Ireland every year.

“There is never a good time to lose someone you love” – Fred Cooke

“There isn’t a family in Ireland that hasn’t been affected by heart disease and stroke, including my own."

Fred Cooke

“We are dealing with the biggest disease of our time but thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way. There is something we can do about it.”

National Campaign Manager Kate O’ Reilly for Happy Hearts agrees – “One way we can save more lives is to spread lifesaving CPR skills all around Ireland.

“By volunteering our time for the Happy Heart Appeal on May 12th, we can help more families be together for longer.

Join us and volunteer on May 12th to keep more hearts beating, because we desperately need more lifesavers.”

CPR saves more do volunteers

Join us on May 12th and help save more lives