Michael's Story

“CPR saves lives – no-one knows this better than me”.

RTE Broadcaster, Michael Lyster collapsed at home and after his heart stopped beating,  his wife, Anne, performed CPR to keep him alive as they waited for the ambulance.

Lyster had just returned from a game of golf and has no memory of the events leading up to his collapse.

“I remember walking towards the front door and opening it and that is all,” he recalled.

Michael, admits he is very lucky to be still alive, owing to the quick-thinking of his wife.

“I wouldn’t be here today only for my wife Anne, who gave me CPR until an ambulance arrived,” he said.

“Without her pushing hard and fast on my chest, I would have been gone. I’m one of the lucky ones and if more people know CPR, more lives like mine will be saved.”

Michael owes his life to CPR, please donate here to allow us to train more people in CPR.

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