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Darby has a soft spot in her heart – today she asks you to help make genetic heart disease less traumatic for kids.

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Living with a heart condition when you’re 6 is no fun – until Darby found kids camp.

Six-year-old Darby Kelly-Scull has a soft spot in her heart and is asking you to give children with heart problems like hers a few days of precious childhood fun.

Children with inherited heart disease cannot play normally with other children.

A game of football or running around in the park is out of the question – any form of play carries risks.

Darby’s mum Cliona knows how difficult life is for a child with a serious heart condition.


“Nothing can prepare you for the words – ‘your child is positive’


Cliona’s husband – Wayne inherited a Cardiomyopathy condition. Sadly, both Darby and her 10-year-old sister,  Holly were diagnosed with the same life-threatening condition.

Holly and Dardy know little about their condition –  but they do know their ‘special hearts’ mean they’re not like other children.

Cliona recalls a day when Holly was knocked off her bike. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt.

‘How do I slow it down? I know I’m not supposed to have a fast heart.’


Irish Heart Kids’ Camp is a safe environment – where kids can play and share stories about their condition – vital in reducing the isolation and worry they sometimes feel.

Every activity in the camp is specially designed for children with serious cardiac conditions – with an expert nurse and psychologist on hand.

Irish Heart needs your support to help pay for more kids’ camps.

Providing more camps for children with inherited heart disease is not a solution – but it will help while we’re waiting for one.

Please donate what you can. Every child has the right to play!

Why should you donate?

Make life-changing weekends happen

Irish Heart is working with over 500 families. Without your help –  we can’t meet the demand for places in our Kids’ Camps.

Every child deserves to play

€100 gives a child a day of joy and freedom. Our target is to raise €200,000 – so that we can send up to 200 families to our Kids’ Camp.